The RV struggle!

Finding something to move all of us into is proving to be a difficult task. We have been offered trades for Chris’s hot rod. They are nice and definitely do-able for a year on the road. But then we get into reviews and all the research on them and it becomes so overwhelming! I’m totally the go with the flow and what will be will be… my husband… not so much!! He will research Research if it’s an option! Which I am sure is the more mature adult thing to do… I can’t help but live life by the seat of my pants. 

This  weekend we are suppose to be going to look at the main Motorhome offer we are interested in. However, tonight we went and looked at an RV lot here in Reno and walked through a couple newer ones…. maybe a bad idea! They are SO nice!! Not to mention we looked at some with the bunk house options, those are complete game changers! I mean the idea of living on the road is a total dream.. not being able to send my kids to their rooms when they catch a ‘tude is going to test my mothering skills. But… the idea of living on the road and still being able to send them to their room!! And let me be honest.. my kids need their space too. Yes we will be outdoors and have so much space that way. But to be able for them to go in a room and shut the door for a little privacy will make them ecstatic! 

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Let the search continue!!!

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Here’s it goes…

I’m sick of being that person that says “some day”.. and let’s be real, if I can do it anyone can do it. Yeah I’m sure everyone says that. But I really have every odd going against me here. I am the mom to a Blended family of 9.. that’s not a typo.. we have 7 kids.. A little insight, my husband,Chris and I met in 2012. But actually started dating in April 2014 ( thank you Melissa). He had 4 kids and I had 2. There was no intention of forever. But after date number 2 , date one was a total shit show, it just made sense! We were soul mates and we’re going to do whatever it took to make this modern day Brady Bunch work. Fast forward a couple years.. we’re married, bought a house and had a baby of our own!

Chris and I fell in love with adventuring together right off the bat. Every outing we would refer to as an adventure. So much that on my first birthday of us being together he made me an adventure scrap book, which we have continually added to over the years, naming it … Take My Hand, Lets Run!!

So now that the back story is out there, let’s get on to why I am starting a blog. We have decided to go on our BEST adventure yet!! We are renting out our house for a year, homeschooling our kids (the 4 currently in school), and trading my husband beloved hot rod for an RV (let’s be real he will get another one) and traveling the United States for a year!!

We have a goal of embarking on this adventure the summer of 2018. So please feel free to follow along as we get this party started.