Here’s it goes…

I’m sick of being that person that says “some day”.. and let’s be real, if I can do it anyone can do it. Yeah I’m sure everyone says that. But I really have every odd going against me here. I am the mom to a Blended family of 9.. that’s not a typo.. we have 7 kids.. A little insight, my husband,Chris and I met in 2012. But actually started dating in April 2014 ( thank you Melissa). He had 4 kids and I had 2. There was no intention of forever. But after date number 2 , date one was a total shit show, it just made sense! We were soul mates and we’re going to do whatever it took to make this modern day Brady Bunch work. Fast forward a couple years.. we’re married, bought a house and had a baby of our own!

Chris and I fell in love with adventuring together right off the bat. Every outing we would refer to as an adventure. So much that on my first birthday of us being together he made me an adventure scrap book, which we have continually added to over the years, naming it … Take My Hand, Lets Run!!

So now that the back story is out there, let’s get on to why I am starting a blog. We have decided to go on our BEST adventure yet!! We are renting out our house for a year, homeschooling our kids (the 4 currently in school), and trading my husband beloved hot rod for an RV (let’s be real he will get another one) and traveling the United States for a year!!

We have a goal of embarking on this adventure the summer of 2018. So please feel free to follow along as we get this party started.

12 thoughts on “Here’s it goes…

  1. Oh my gosh!!! So extremely awesome! I can’t wait to read all about it. Good for you guys for following dreams. Life is short, so make it sweet. You guys are so inspiring. I wish nothing but the best for all 9 of you 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness!! I think this is an amazing and fabulous idea for all of you!! I am so excited for all of you, I think your children will benefit fully from the adventure you’re about to experience! I am looking forward to reading about every adventure! Go start marking off that bucket list honey and have a wonderful life! Love and kisses to you all, always!


  3. Girl I’m so happy for you! ! You have blossomed into an amazingly strong women! I thought you were strong for going through what you’ve went through before you met chris, but he’s brought out the best in you. You got this toots😘

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