Hi! We are the Melzo and Vargas family!! There are 9 of us and a German Shepard named Ally. Mom will be doing most the blogging, and by most we mean all of it with dad editing her overwhelming typos. So moms Tasha and dad is Chris. Then the 7 kids are in this order oldest to youngest, Casey Alan age 19, Chloe Janae age 16, Diego Vincent age 12, Lilliana Marie age 10, Anabelle Opal age 6, Paisley Jane age 5 and last but not least Henry James age 1 1/2. With Casey and Chloe either off to school or being full time adults they will be the only kids not on the trip. The four in the middle will be #roadschooling, yes that’s a thing! And baby Henry will be along for the ride with his side kick Ally. Even though everyone knows Ally and Diego are really the two best friends!! So follow along as we leave our 2500 sq ft house for a 350 sq foot RV and travel around the good ol’ United States of America!! add another page.